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Jason Belcher

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. – Albert Einstein

MEAN Stack Todo App Part 3

November 11, 2019

Part 1 covered building a todo app with Angular along with a mock service that persisted to local storage. Part 2 covered building out a…

MEAN Stack Todo App Part 2

November 10, 2019

In part one an Angular front end todo application was built with a Mock service to handle all CRUD operations. Local Storage was used to…

Angular Todo Application

November 08, 2019

A while back I took a survey on twitter to see what might be of interest. Ajax and Rest api were neck and neck. Due to the results I've…

Common App Challenge Pattern (Angular Version)

October 28, 2019

I've run into a common reoccuring pattern in fullstack and front end developer interviews lately. Most of them consist of a few simple…

Common JavaScript Interview Coding Problems

October 15, 2019

Todays post is about the dreaded interview coding challenges we tend to face as developers on the prowl for an awesome place to work. I'm…

Webpage Scraping and Recursion

August 10, 2019

Walk down the stairs with recursion. I presented myself a challenge the other day. That challenge is to be able to scrape any webpage for…


August 05, 2019

In order to understand recursion you must first understand recursion When I asked someone to explain it to me the above title was repeated…

Map, Filter, and Reduce

August 01, 2019

Fuctional Programming. One of the hardest things to wrap your head around when you begin learning to program is functional programming. I do…

Let's Create a Data Storage Library Using a Factory - Part 2

July 31, 2019

UPDATE AND DELETE skip to the code Last time we discussed how to CREATE and READ records from our data storage factory. Today we explore…

Let's Create a Data Storage Library Using a Factory

July 30, 2019

Warning This will be a long post. I know it's a lot for beginners. If you stick with it you will learn some neat tricks on how to manipulate…

Dragons, Dinosaurs & Factory Function Inheritance

July 27, 2019

Why use Factory Functions? Don't care why. Just show me how Classes have a long history of confusion in the Javascript world. Unlike…

Catting around with Factory Functions

July 26, 2019

What is a factory function and Why use them? A factory function is a function which returns an object. Factory functions can be very…

Building a Drum Sequencer

June 08, 2019

Last week, a coworker and friend challenged me to create a drum machine. The grand goal being to build an online DAW for people to…